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November 12, 2013
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February 12, 2014

How to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Home

Our Flooring

We carry porcelain tile, ceramic glazed tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate flooring. We have several different styles of each.

What you’ll want to do when choosing the correct flooring for your home is to take it room by room.

Some questions you will want to ask yourself:

  • How much traffic will the floor receive? If it sees a lot of traffic, consider spending more on the flooring, to ensure that it’ll last throughout the years.
  • What’s the size of your family? If you have a bigger family, you’ll definitely want high-end, durable flooring.
  • How long do you want the flooring to last?
  • How much moisture will the flooring come in touch with?


Bathrooms carry a lot of moisture…even more than the kitchen, actually. For this reason, you’ll want to choose either ceramic tile, marble or linoleum. All of these are popular choices for the bathroom. Each of these types will vary in price and will take a different type of expertise to lay out and install. After studying up on how to do it, however, you should be able to pull it off yourself. Vinyl and ceramic tiles are relatively easy to set. Ceramic tile and marble tend to be pricier than vinyl and linoleum. We suggest hiring a professional to install vinyl, linoleum and marble.


Durability, ability to refract moisture and ease of cleaning should top the list of priorities when it comes to choosing the right flooring for the kitchen. Good flooring choices for the kitchen include linoleum and ceramic tile. Linoleum tends to be less expensive and can provide for simple cleaning and comes in several different designs. Ceramic tiles is better than linoleum in almost every aspect, however. It’s easy to maintain and clean, and offers amazing durability. Ceramic tile resists nicks, dents, and scratches. There is something to keep in mind with tile though – tile is prone to cracking, especially if the floor underneath isn’t perfectly smooth and even. Also keep in mind that tiles can pose a safety threat for the old, children and anyone else with special health needs.