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July 26, 2013
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Kitchen Design Ideas / Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen is at the center of the home – it’s where everyone meets to cook, bake, eat and possibly even do their paperwork and/or homework. It’s also used for storage, and for entertaining guests. So, if you own a home, chances are, you’ve dreamed of the ways you’d like your kitchen to look. To have a “dream kitchen,” so to speak. Remodeling the kitchen is more popular than ever. If you’ve been searching for kitchen remodeling ideas, look no further! We’ve got some for you.

Some classic kitchen remodeling ideas:

  1. That warm kitchen feel: …With Timberlake cabinets and sparks of color. If you’re looking for something that will automatically make you feel at home, consider Timberlake cabinets, light blue or yellow color for the walls, and accentuating plants. New, freshly-installed kitchen cabinets will put the spice back into your kitchen. Timberlake cabinets are also very affordably priced.
  2. Bright and cheery: Looking to brighten your kitchen up? The best way to do that is by installing new oak or Shiloh white cabinets, re-painting your walls (off-white or a shade of yellow), and possibly installing new tiled floors.
  3. Contemporary kitchen: a mixture of warm blacks or browns, white accents, sharp lines and simple upgrades should comprise the majority of the contemporary kitchen style. Adding an island and stools will really help boost the contemporary feel. Most contemporary kitchens also have beautiful wooden floors.

Stay tuned for more kitchen remodeling ideas!



Above: Shiloh White