Exterior Steel Doors

We offer a wide variety of insulated exterior steel doors at a very reasonable price. Steel doors are made of an insulating Styrofoam core, wrapped in steel. Steel has primed finish – ready to paint. Steel doors cannot be stained to look like wood. You can choose from plain or gridded glass to decorative glass with brass, silver, or patina (black) caming. Single door units, double door units, and units with sidelights are available. All fabricated exterior door units include a primed finish, weather stripped frames, and bottom sill plate. Build-to-order steel doors may be available from components on hand. We buy closeouts and liquidations of these, so we cannot guarantee availability of any one particular style. Our steel door units are closeout products, so please visit our warehouse to see product availability.

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Specialty Doors with Limited Availability

Craftsman Doors

As a convenience to our Cincinnati-area customers, we also carry Service Parts such as replacement weather stripping and bottom caps for LOCAL SALES ONLY. For Internet Sales of Service Parts, please go to www.peasedoors.com.