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How to Measure for New Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to finally installing the cabinets of your dreams, you don’t want to waste any time. That’s why it’s important to take extra care when measuring for your new fixtures. Accurate information can help you be sure that your dream kitchen will come true as soon as possible.

In order for an easy installation to take place, your kitchen design specialist will need to know all the following details:

∗ Room measurements

Use the sample floor plan as a guide and draw a sketch of your kitchen on the attached graph paper. Measure every wall, start in the left corner, write the measurements on your sketch in inches.

∗ Show location and size of all windows and doors.

∗ Measure from the corner to the center of your sink

∗ Measure from the corner to the center of the range or cook top. Indicate the location of the refrigerator

∗ Measure from floor to ceiling. Is there a soffit or dropped ceiling?

∗ Is there a basement below the kitchen or is it on a slab?

* What are the measurements of your appliances?

* Do you like the layout of your kitchen, or are there things you’d like to change?