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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets in 2021

Farmhoue Kitchen Cabinets 2019

One of the first characteristics a guest will notice in your kitchen is the cabinetry work. A nice set of cabinets can make or break your kitchen so you should put some thought into how you want your kitchen to look, the kind of energy you want it to evoke, and the amenities you need for a functional space. A popular trend in today’s housing market is modern farmhouse cabinetry. Farmhouse cabinets bring a touch of the natural environment into your home and they are a great choice for both aesthetics and functionality. Below, we will discuss colors, wood types, and brands typically used for modern farmhouse cabinets.

Farmhouse Cabinet Color Options

Whether you are working on a complete kitchen renovation or just looking to update your cabinets, there is likely a modern farmhouse color perfect for your space. Although white and grey finishes are the most popular choice for farmhouse cabinetry, Pease Warehouse has worked with many types of paint and stain colors.  A common trend happening in 2019 is white farmhouse cabinets with rustic architecture and décor. This theme helps bring the perfect contrast between light and dark and allows homeowners to experiment with exposed natural wood for shelves, ceiling beams, and much more.


There are many types of wood species used for farmhouse cabinet making but Maple and Hickory are often considered the industry standard. For those on a budget, oak, pine, and fir are also popular choices. Because farmhouse cabinets are typically finished with white or grey paint, it often makes sense to choose a less expensive wood type for your kitchen cabinets because the grain is not as apparent. Below are a few brands we carry in our store and you will likely find a brand right for your price range and kitchen needs.

Farmhouse Cabinet Brands at Pease

Kitchen remodeling can be an expensive task so it is important to figure out your budget and find the right brand of cabinetry for your home. Four of our most popular brands for kitchen cabinets are Imported Shaker White, Timberlake, Aspect, and Shiloh.

  • Imported Shaker White: For those on a tighter budget, purchasing imported cabinets may be your best option. The imported shaker white cabinets offered at Pease typically come from China and are built with solid wood and plywood.
  • Timberlake: This brand is great because it offers three different pricing levels including Value-Built, Portfolio, and Portfolio Select.
    • Value built is available in oak or maple and has limited stain options.
    • Portfolio offers more door styles and stain options and can be ordered with plywood sides and dovetail drawers.
    • Finally, the Portfolio select line is Timberlake’s highest end cabinets, available in oak, maple, or cherry and is also available with plywood sides and dovetail drawers.
  • Aspect: Step it up with our custom cabinets from Aspect. These are available in oak, maple, and white thermofoil and can be finished with a variety of paints, stains, and styles. Manufactured in Missouri.
  • Shiloh: Our highest quality cabinet manufacturer is Shiloh Cabinetry based out of Missouri. These custom designed cabinets are made of all wood and are available in over 100 different types of stains and styles.

The best way to begin your cabinet shopping process is to see the cabinets in-person. Pease Warehouse offers a wide selection of modern farmhouse cabinets from some of the industry’s most notable brands. You can view all of our available brands in our showroom located at 1780 S. Erie Blvd. Hamilton, OH 45011. Alternatively, give us a call at (513) 867-9926 or email us at sales@peasewarehouse.com.