Patio Doors

Patio doors are available as hinged patio doors, side-hinged and sliding patio doors. Patio doors are available in wood, steel and vinyl-clad. Patio doors are a closeout product, please visit our warehouse for product availability.

We offer four types of patio doors:

1. Full-Size Steel Double Door Unit

These doors require an 82-1/2” tall rough opening. Typical widths include:

Door Opening Rough Opening Width (for door frame)
60” (5’-0”) 63”
64” (5’-4”) 67”
72” (6’-0” 75”

2. Undersized Steel Patio Doors

Single operating doors with a stationary panel to fit a 72" w x 80" h opening.

3. Andersen Hinged Patio Doors

We can sometimes get special buys, but typically order from your specifications from Andersen. Andersen Frenchwood doors have a vinyl exterior and a wood interior and may be specified as primed or unfinished pine. These doors are available as sliding doors (Frenchwood glider) or as hinged patio doors (Frenchwood hinged)

4. Andersen Sliding Patio Doors

We typically have some in stock, but special order other sizes from Andersen Andersen Permashield doors are an all vinyl construction sliding patio door and our most affordable Andersen Patio Door.

Andersen doors come in a variety of widths
Common heights are 6/8, 6/11, 8/0

We can also order from Andersen

  • 400 series Frenchwood hinged and sliding doors
  • 200 series hinged and sliding doors
  • 100 series Fibrex composite sliding patio doors

Patio Door Replacement:

Summer is the time of year we love to hang out in our back yards. Whether it’s gardening, playing with the kids, or gatherings on the deck or patio, people love to enjoy their own slice of the outdoors. Your patio door probably sees more use during the summer than other months and you notice it’s not operating as well as it should.

So you decide to replace your patio door. No problem, all doors are standard right?

If you have a 6 foot patio door, not all 6’ doors are the same. Patio door dimensions can vary – both width and height depending on whether the doors are hinged, sliding or the manufacturer. For starters, sliding patio doors often have slightly shorter doors. Even if you have hinged doors now, if the house was originally built with sliders, you may have the smaller opening and the current doors were modified to fit.

We sell a patio door with a set of full height entry doors measuring 36” each with a full height of 79” can be put together for a nice double door with full glass for $420. Add mini-blinds between the glass and the price increases to $640.

This is a very economical option but works best for new construction or a new opening requires a rough opening (stud to stud) of 75”x82-1/2”.

For replacing a common sized sliding glass door, a rough opening of 72x80 is required.

The most economical option for this size is a patio door with one fixed panel, and one operating door, hinged on the center post. We sell these for $625 for clear glass or $845 for mini blinds. An optional screen can be purchased separately. Good quality undersized sliding glass doors are available from Andersen for around $1000-1200, depending on which series you select. These doors have low-E glass and can also be ordered with an optional screen (extra).

Hinged doors are also available from Andersen in $2000-2500 price range.