Quartz Countertops

Featuring Viatera and Cambria

The Advantages of Quartz Counter-tops

Quartz Counter-tops offer many advantages over traditional counter surfaces.

Consistency of Color

The most obvious advantage is the one that you see at first glance: absolute consistency in the color. Because our quartz countertops are expertly manufactured from natural quartz combined with polymer resins, there is never an issue with matching counter-tops throughout your kitchen or even several rooms within your home.

Hygienic Counter Surfaces

Because our quartz counter-tops have a completely non-porous surface, there are literally no places for debris or bacteria to accumulate. This makes quartz among the most hygienic counter surfaces available.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Our quartz counter-tops are naturally stain resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, there is no need to ever seal or polish the quartz surface, and clean up is easily accomplished with warm soapy water.

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