Shiloh Cabinets

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January 26, 2016
May Specials at Pease Warehouse
May 1, 2016

Are you looking for a quality, made in America cabinet?  Pease Warehouse offers an all-wood cabinet from Shiloh, suitable for your kitchen, bath, or really any room in your home.  On top of the quality and USA production, Shiloh is a custom cabinet, allowing you incredible flexibility with the economy of a factory made cabinet! You will surely be satisfied with your purchase.

Not convinced yet? Shiloh Cabinets give you options, and who doesn’t like that? They come in 30 different door styles and over 160 different paint colors and glazes.  We know how important it is that your cabinets meet your exact wants and needs, as you’ll be seeing them every day! At Pease, we’re certain that with Shiloh or any of our other cabinets; you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are remodeling one room, or even multiple rooms in your home, Shiloh will allow you to be flexible and creative with your design plan. With its array of choice in colors and styles you can create your dream room at a price that fits your budget.  If you’re having trouble with designing, our team is truly knowledgeable in that area, and we’d be happy to see you in the store to help.

For pictures and more details click here. If you’d like a quote or have additional questions please don’t hesitate to call us!   Setting up an appointment with one of our kitchen designers can help make sure you get the best service and the most efficient use of your time.  Thanks for considering Pease!  

***Update*** Pease is now carrying Eclipse cabinets.  Coming from the same manufacturers as Shiloh, these cabinets can give your kitchen an outstanding, fresh look.  Yjru pggrt  For more details and photos, visit our Shiloh Cabinetry page.  We’ve provided an example below of the White Zebrine Metro Eclipse Cabinets.  It’s incredible how cabinets and a few other tweaks to your kitchen can really transform the room.