Trim Moulding and Interior Trim

A longtime leader in providing Cincinnati discount building supplies, Pease Warehouse has some of the best prices on trim in the area. We stock a wide variety of paint-grade baseboard, door and window casing. We also bring in special buys of stainable, pine, poplar, and oak trim.

Whether you are replacing your floor and need new baseboard or installing crown molding to add architectural interest to your home, we can help. Interior trim can be made out of several different types of wood.

  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) – This most affordable option is sold with a primer applied, ready for you to top-coat.
  • Finger-Jointed Pine (FJ) – More durable than MDF, Finger-jointed trim is made of short lengths of pine mortised and glued together. This paint-grade product is typically sold with a primer applied, although we may also have some unprimed products.
  • Pine – Natural pine is the most affordable wood trim that can be stained.
  • Poplar – a beautiful wood that easily takes stain or paint. Poplar is generally known for its broad grain pattern and typically greenish hue when unfinished. The amount of green varies with the tree or sub-species.
  • Oak – The most expensive wood trim except for exotics like Mahogany. Oak is known for its tight grain pattern. Red oak with its red hue is the most common, but white oak is also available sometimes.

There are several different types of trim:

  • Crown Moulding – Used to ease the visual transition from ceiling to wall.
  • Door & Window Casing – used to hide the gap between a window or door frame and the drywall.
  • Baseboard – designed to cover any gaps between the drywall and the floor.