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Why It’s Important to Involve a Kitchen Designer in Your Remodel Project

A modern-looking white kitchen with a light wood floor and open windows

When planning a kitchen remodel, consulting with a professional kitchen designer offers several benefits customers may not initially realize. A quality kitchen designer knows that preparation is the key to great design. The planning phase offers you the chance to dream about what improvements in materials, functionality, and traffic flow you’d like to see in your new kitchen or bath. A comprehensive showroom like Pease allows you to visualize colors and choices together as the designer assembles your ideas into a coherent style, ensuring that your investment is something you’ll enjoy for years to come.

The trained eye of an experienced designer allows them to envision your space in a completely new setup. Could the kitchen work triangle of fridge, sink, and stove could be reconfigured to make meal prep more efficient and enjoyable? Or would extra storage in a second bath would be more welcoming for guests? By taking into consideration your family’s size, how often you entertain, and what types of gatherings you enjoy most, our designers can help you plan the space that’s best for you.

As a part of the planning process, the designer works within your budget. Our experienced designers can also help streamline the decision-making process by pointing out what features are worth adding for your lifestyle and suggesting what to skip to fit your budget. Because they are experts, they thoroughly review the design so that no elements are overlooked in the budget. This means there are no surprise extra costs as you are completing your renovation.

We strive for excellent customer service while providing quality products. A consultation and initial design quote are always free at Pease, so call today and explore the options with a professional kitchen designer. We’ve got your style!